Lemononade out of lemons

I remember as a kid I would not call myself a student who was good at mathematics.

I was a good student but I was an average student when it came to math.

I breezed through with cheeky ease when it came to other subjects during exams but I felt like a broken down ferrari at every maths paper during every end of term exams.

This ghost haunted me from primary school, Junior Secondary School(now Junior High School, SSS(now called SHS), and to University.

Funny enough too,before I completed my first degree in university, I was studying to become either and actuary or an investment analyst.

In that professional exams had alot of mathematical stuff which kept haunting me. In the midst of it all, I ended up as a telecom expert and all my mathematics left me.

One lesson I learnt in all of this is ‘when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it’. The journey was rough but I look back and I smile. Funny enough, my little mathematics I imbibed helped me in some courses during my MBA program so it was worth it after all the stress.

I must say mathematics gave me a different view to life and how I view things. I leveraged on my imagination and it has helped me harness a part of me that makes me be slightly artistic in my thoughts even though I never thought of myself as one. A friend once told me that I am an artistic person and I must say that I found it so profound that it put me into thinking mode.

Life in its entirety has been artistic and each and everyone of us have a bit of art in us we need to unleash. Join me to add some colour to this our world we live in.

Just when I turn 40

Old age makes me quiver and it makes me worried that I will not be called the young boy I used to be called.

I won’t get to lie on my mum’s laps anymore.

I won’t get to have my clothes washed for me by sister to the anger and jealousy of my brother.

I won’t get to go to the market with my mum and eventually join her in the kitchen.

As I come to the realisation of an older man,I have an inner urge to serve society with my inner being and help re engineer the thinking of our younger generation .

Help mould our younger generation to dare the status quo and take charge of their own destiny.

Taking charge of your own destiny means having a non conforming spirit and a probing mind.

All I wish for when I turn 40 is not to have tonnes of money or property but all I want to have what it takes to be a vessel that can be used to influence society.

I don’t want to go be a motivational speaker as I am not that person cut out for such.

At age 40,I wish to be a gardener with a big collection of both ornamental and exotic plants.

I wish to have gone to visit the best places nature has on offer.

I love to watch my children grow and walk down the beach with them to meet the sunset.

In all thing’s, we have wishes and ambitions but God determines our paths.

Possibilities favor the fearelss

They tell me the road ends here,but not my road.
I define where my road will take me,where my journey ends.
Sure,challenges await me,obstacles will stand in my way and moments of doubt will appear.
But I will never stop believing,magic can be created,dreams can be made true through determination and perspiration.
This drives for progress which defines my journey into the possible.
Every decision is mine to make,every challenge is mine to take.
And they all serve to make me stronger.To make the goal even more amazing.To get even closer to my dream.
Possibilities favour the fearless.
Come step forward!Dare to dream.

Happy 2015

#OccupyFlagStaffHouse# waking the sleeping middle class to order

I was filled with joy when ordinary people who feel the pain of the Mahama led administration took to the streets.Am happy because this group is not a baby of any political party.A clear example was when Asamoah Boateng was booed away when he tried to carnibalise on the protest march to launch his political comeback.Kudos to the organizers.To those who are in the discomfort of their homes due to ECG’s dumsor,please come out and let  us cry out for we have a future to protect.We should not allow these politicians to take turns and deplete the limited resources we have.It is time to tell them that enough is enough.We should not look on unconcerned.

And to the politcal heads who allowed mediocrity to be their hallmark,please note that a time will come that you cannot take the ordinary Ghanaian for granted.We will make sure that every pesewa which belongs to the state is accounted for.To those who were describing the success of the march on the basis of numbers,kindly note that you can enjoy from the largesse of the government but as the saying goes in akan,”frcmfrcm nte hc daaa”.The ordinary people of Ghana will stand for the right thing to be done.Ghana must work again and Ghana will surely work again.Still#OccupyGhana#

Topsy turvy

Have you ever seen a goat giving birth to a dog before?certainly it is a loud and an obvious no.
That same principle  applies to our politicians.The latter day politicians are end products of the bad political seed sowed in them, by their teachers in this noble, selfless job ,which has become a business venture in our country.
We all can see the massive disaffection and the declining levels when it comes to being patriotic.
I guess we only show it only when the world cup season pops up.
Yes I know am not perfect ,but some basic issues plaguing our nation does not need an expert in economics or finance to tell us what to do.
The recent downpour saw our leaders touring areas worst affected by this rainfall which shouldn’t have flooded the Capital.
I think Accra should be declared as the only city in Africa which is a pool or better still we better convert it to a mega Nzulenzu dwelling.
I must say I have grown tired of the political mess and economic mess we are in.
This makes me call this huge landmass, we call a country as a joke.
Every blessed day I loose hope in this place,looking at how we misplace our priorities and how some ordinary people have allowed politics to blindfold their sense of reasoning.
Come 2016,they will come begging for my votes and I swear I will rather vote for a mad man to be president than to elect someone who claims to be sane, but their attributes are worse than that of a mad man.

Politics and Independence in Ghana,how I see it.

57 years of nice speeches made by politicians can virtually get a PhD from oxford University or other Ivy League universities.My take is we are a nation where politicians are paid tax payers money just to tell us what our problems are without a solution.

I really don’t know why we spend time marching in the scorching sun and the recent time,the heavens poured rains on us abd drenched our president in water.

Personally i wonder what will motivate me to go and queue to vote for someone to tell me my problems without a solution.

Simply put ,I have totally taken myself from the politics of our land and plugged myself into my own lane.

Calm in manner but brave in action

I remember fondly this Latin saying in one of the houses in Adisadel College(my alma mater) which reads and i quote “Suaviter in modo fortitier in re which means calm in manner but brave in action.
In times past,people describe someone brave as a person who shows outward signs of being brave and macho.A man who shows emotions is seen as weak.
But this assertion has never stood the test of time.Being brave is how you embrace a problem when it confronts you.Being brave is how  you still maintain a calm head and make the right decisions when caught between a hard rock and what  i will call it the big red sea.Being brave is how a partner can tell you”you are the source of my strength “when things go wrong and people tend to become coaches and will tell you what you should have done in that situation.
In all I thank God for the unflinching strength He has endowed me with.We rise and I know with the help of the almighty God,we shall soar and rise out of the ashes.Amen.

Gratitude is an attitude

I praise my maker for everything that falls my way.We humans forget to question God anytime we are blessed with material possessions and other things we pray for.We are quick to question our maker whenever a misfortune comes our way.We have to know that gratitude is an attitude and with praise the walls of Jericho came down.Do not forget to praise God in bad times and not only when times are good.In recent times,things of monumental dimension  happened to my family but in all things I gave thanks to God as He is the ultimate provider and I believe that He will always beat our needs.

32 years is not jollof niether is it ewokple!

Am grateful to God for this day.I normally love to have my birthday pass without much noise.This gives me the time to reflect on what milestones i set for myself over  the previous year and how I have fared.I must say God has been good  not only in my life but all other people whose life affects my wellbeing.Am forever grateful for their support in all aspects of my being.32 years is not jollof matter niether it is a matter of ewokple or massa and hausa koko.
If you like you can tweaaa but i got my right to praise my maker for His mercies that He pours on me day and nite.