Just when I turn 40

Old age makes me quiver and it makes me worried that I will not be called the young boy I used to be called.

I won’t get to lie on my mum’s laps anymore.

I won’t get to have my clothes washed for me by sister to the anger and jealousy of my brother.

I won’t get to go to the market with my mum and eventually join her in the kitchen.

As I come to the realisation of an older man,I have an inner urge to serve society with my inner being and help re engineer the thinking of our younger generation .

Help mould our younger generation to dare the status quo and take charge of their own destiny.

Taking charge of your own destiny means having a non conforming spirit and a probing mind.

All I wish for when I turn 40 is not to have tonnes of money or property but all I want to have what it takes to be a vessel that can  be used to influence society.

I don’t want go be a motivational speaker as I am not that person cut out for such.

At age 40,I wish to be a gardener with a big collerton of both ornamental and exotic plants.

I wish to have gone to visit the best places nature has on offer.

I love to watch my children grow and walk down the beach with them to meet the  sunset.

In all thing’s, we have wishes and ambitions but God determines our paths.