When my emotional walls come crushing down

One busy morning, whilst driving my daughter to school, I got caught up in traffic around the Achimota traffic light.

As I waited for the traffic light to turn green,a small girl just came and stood by my side of the door begging me for money.

Initially, I ignored the girl,then I saw my little daughter waving at the girl outside and she waved back.

I instantly got touched by the exchange of pleasantries between my daughter and the young girl.It made me reach out into my car’s compartment to give her some money.

This got me very emotional and it instantly got me thinking.

I looked at the stack contrast between my daughter and the little girl,my daughter was busy chewing biscuit,strapped in her seat and sipping juice while the little girl was in a dress which looked torn and enduring the harsh elements of the weather.

I realized the 2 different worlds these 2 kids were living in. I wonder where this little girl begging me for money will sleep each night. How will the next day look like for her? How will she get treatment when she falls ill?A lot of questions came rushing through my  head and I realized how being a parent can influence how you see any other child.

As a parent,I am always concerned about the well-being of my daughter and how I can prepare her adequately to take on the world and play a meaningful part to make our world better.The more I write about this,the more I get sad and I feel like shedding tears.

Being a parent has really made me realize how kids in particular have a way of affecting my mood and my general world outlook.

Seeing kids go through any kind of injustice can hit me so hard now and it shows how we change given any circumstance we find ourselves in.

Lets strive to make our world a better place for our children as they do not just carry our future but our hopes, aspirations and all that make us who we are as a society.